Polar Vortex – How field workers survive?

Last week news on BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-25831549 “The US east coast has been hit by the second major winter storm of the year, with up to 12in of snow, strong winds and bitter cold forecast.”

Heavy Snow

Early this year Americans faced dangerously cold temperatures from the Polar Vortex covering many parts of the continent. Many have not yet recovered, and now facing with this severe weather again in first months of 2014. Many people died and more families have suffered.

How does this affect field service worker and companies? During these times the demand for services are higher and supporting normal service levels are challenging. Changes are frequent, schedules are unreliable, mistakes can happen more often and whether makes routing and scheduling more prone to delays. Workers are affected with difficult weather and delays in bad traffic conditions are likely. Therefore doing physical labor and traveling around in extremely cold temperatures increases the possibility of danger.

In these challenging environments, you could take the firsts steps to improve your performance with tools such as NetDispatcher. More visibility and ability to react to changes would lower your burden when you can track people and schedule jobs in real time. Workers being able to access job queues and location information via their phones, tablets or laptops wherever and whenever, you would lower mistakes considerably. Tracking also helps you to make sure your field workers are okay even in this severe weather conditions. Be prepared for the next busy times and read more about our products in www.netdispatcher.wordpress.com

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