Everything Customizable – #The_Next_Big_Thing


We understand that not every job is the same. One offs, small tasks, large projects, daily changes or todo lists are equally important when efficiently handling daily tasks and getting through the busy week. Rarely you can find a flexible system that allows you to do that out of the box. 

With next generation customizable products, like NetDispatcher, you can design your own templates and input the crucial information you need for different type of situations. Actually, for the first time we can use the paper sheet analogy here to describe the easiness to add, edit or to create new templates. With NetDispatcher, you can take an empty sheet of paper, design your template, save it to NetDispatcher and use it. Whether its a customer, contact, job or equipment, you can freely design multiple templates and use them as you wish. They still follow your normal process and are used when dispatched to the mobile an eventually invoiced.

Join one of our weekly webinars to get hands and see how we do it!

#The_Next_Big_Thing is here now!

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