But I want my templates too! – #The_Next_Big_Thing

I have had numerous discussions with our customers about how important it is to get your existing data to the new system and how easy it should be. Investing time and money into big data migration processes in the beginning of any project does not seem very appealing. It should be easy, fast and reliable – an enabler for the more important parts of the project – the people, the process and benefits for the company. In these discussions I have heard how hard it can be and has been in the projects before. We have made sure that the data gets in and out from NetDispatcher fast and easily. Import and export tools are everywhere, built in to the system. But I think this is NOT enough. And here is why.

Lets say you’ve been in business for 10 years. You’ve had good growth and during that time you have made innovations in your processes and managed to keep things productive. Along the line you have made investments to the first systems that have taken you thus far, but as you keep growing and adding more workforce, you face problems running you company the way you want. All the experience and the know how just doesn’t quite fit the old system anymore. It does not take you to where you want to be. Now, if you take that data and insert it to the new system, you would expect that system to take you to the next level, right. But that means you have to be able to run things your way. Put your experience into to system and processes and utilize the knowledge you’ve built over the time. You want to make to system to serve you! You want your templates too! So do I.

This is the essence and core thought behind our new product suite. It is built to serve your expertise. The way you want it. It starts from small things, like building the templates you want to use for work orders or invoices or customers, but it applies to the jobs and even processes too. For the first time you can feel in control and not your IT systems provider. You have the power to tune the system fit your needs and take you to the next level, what ever it might be.

If you had these challenges before or would like to see it in action, please take a look at our products by joining our weekly webinars and I guarantee, there’s going to be at least one “vow” from the audience!

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