Manage Your Landscaping Business with Top-Notch Software

It can be difficult managing a landscaping business especially if you a lot of crews and not enough of you. Luckily there are programs that can help you get a grip on your business. If you feel over-whelmed then it is time to look into mobile software that has been specifically designed for landscape management. Not only can this type of program make running your company easier, it can save you time, money and even help you save the environment.

Harness Powerful Dispatching and Scheduling Options

One of the most difficult things for any company to be able to deal with is changes that need to happen immediately. Usually this refers to a customer that has an emergency type of situation that calls for a sudden schedule change. With the landscape management software changing your schedule is as easy as dragging and dropping with scheduling tools. It gives you the ability to react positively to changes that you need to make for customers. This also includes dispatching in real time. All you and your crew need are internet capable mobile devices so you can enable two-way communication with your field crews, which can save time.

Make Your Workforce Mobile

When you make your workforce mobile you can stop using paper and have work orders sent to a crew member’s portable device. Using an internet capable device which does not require any installation, you can use powerful features such as getting client signatures, two-way communication, GPS tracking, and utilizing attachments.

Click Once for Invoicing and Get Automated Time Cards

You can create invoices in a fast manner as soon as a job is completed in the field when using software for landscape management. Being able to use pricing and automated billing procedures can save you time when you simply click to invoice a job. A company will also be able to track time for their employees by processing their daily activities for the basis of payroll, invoicing, and accounts payable.

Get All of Your Customer Information from One Place

Find your information easily from one place with landscape software for management purposes. This includes being able to view information for contacts, equipment, service agreements, activities, order history, and products. All of this information can be stored and updated without using paper. It essentially frees you from shuffling paper and gives you a powerful management solution for your landscaping business.

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