HIRING: Software Sales Manager (Base + Commission), The Woodlands TX

As a NetDispatcher Sales Development Representative, you will play a critical role in driving our success through the growth of our direct sales channel. You will need to grasp the fundamentals of our Field Service Management software, have an outgoing personality and professional approach that will enable you to build relationships with prospective customers, sign them as customers, and hand them off to our deployment process.

Your primary day-to-day tasks will consist of:

  • Actively sourcing new leads in local area (Houston)
  • Setting appointments and visiting customers on site
  • Demoing NetDispatcher onsite and remotely
  • Creating offers and contracts to sign up customers and hand it off to deployment process
  • Driving the creation and execution of quarterly marketing plans to develop sales


  • Highly motivated, independent, self-starter with a passion for selling and winning
  • Two + years of similar direct sales experience and proven results of SW sales
  • Documented history of developing and managing personal sales pipeline and achieving sales quotas
  • Proven ability to communicate product strengths/benefits with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong people skills and an ability to listen to customers and translate their needs into actionable pre-sales tasks and new business proposals
  • Ability to overcome objections and challenges on phone and in meetings
  • Experience using a ERP / FSM systems
  • Willing to travel; travel could be more than 50%


  • $25-45k (based on experience/knowledge) + $15k-50k+ in potential commissions;
  • 20% commission for licensing
  • 15% commission for setup fees
  • Recurring commission plan
  • Lead generation program
  • Sale training
  • Spiff program
  • Co-marketing materials

Background on Software:

NetDispatcher is a Field Management Service SaaS software to help companies become paper free and automated. The Software is very customizable and easy to use. This helps them service customer’s better, make more money for the business and they get paid faster.


Send your resume and application to careers@netdispatcher.com


Sneak Peak Behind the Curtain; Future of Field Service

Read how our CEO, Vesa Tauriainen sees the future of Field Service Technology:

Many field service companies have less and less time to manage the daily routine activities and with a tighter competition, paper process or existing outdated systems no longer give businesses the luxury to keep their company effective and therefore profitable. The challenge is to be able to choose the right FSM product that will help you get to the next level. People should buy SW that they truly understand and feels like they can start using quickly rather than commit to building something themselves with ROI somewhere years along the way. If you cant use it tomorrow, find something else. READ MORE…. CIO Review; Field Service Arena at a Glance

HVAC Field Invoicing via Mobile

Use our HVAC Field Invoicing via your phone or tablet and not have to come back to the office do your invoicing.  With our easy to use Web Application you can take payment in the field for your services so that you can get paid faster.  We sync with many different accounting programs so you are not wasting time in the office on manual paperwork.  By taking the payment up front and printing or emailing the invoice to the customer you can service more customers in the field.   We have pre-build invoicing templates in our field service software that all you have to do is add your logo. Then you can create professional looking invoicing on the fly.  We create a PDF and keep track of when it was paid and for how much. NetDispatcher Billing

Learn how our can automate your HVAC business using NetDispatcher Software.  Learn more by requesting a demo or free 14 day trial of our software for your Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning company and it will never be the same again.


Integrations are important. What’s your system you want us to integrate to?

NetDispatcher - Connected

NetDispatcher – Connected

With over 50 different 3rd party applications NetDispatcher has been integrated into over the years, you should feel confident that what ever you’re running, we can hook it up.

We just added American Home Shield integration to our HVAC customers, making it easy for automated order creation and automated status changes. We are now building Sage 50 connector and Sage Timberline (Sage 100) is up next!

Download our NetDispatcher Integration Hand Book for more information.

Results are in: 915% ROI for Johnny!

Johnny - The Legendary landscaping company owner, who runs his company with NetDispatcher

Johnny – The Legendary landscaping company owner, who runs his company with NetDispatcher

Remember Johnny and his Landscaping Company?

After few months since starting, Johnny can now estimate the numbers and what changed after implementing NetDispatcher.

Johnny estimates, that they save around 24 hours among his 30 employee landscaping crews. Each day. All because, they have now gone completely paper free. The biggest effect comes from work orders and time cards, but also from not having the crews come to the office every day.

7 hours. Organizing the office gives office managers of five, total 7 hours in time savings, each day. Johnny has used that time to better serve their customers and drive add-on sales.



What’s Your Number?
Download your personal copy below and start estimating your benefits with NetDispatcher!

Use the calculator to review your existing process and decide if NetDispatcher has the potential to turn your company around into more profitable and organized landscaping company. Contact us today!


Jimmy got 944% ROI with NetDispatcher? What’s Your Number?

Jimmy and his 944% ROI

Jimmy and his 944% ROI

Getting his office organized with better technician management and paperless dispatching techniques have considerably improved Jimmy’s HVAC company’s service process.

The time savings alone are making a huge impact on efficiency and also eliminated most errors in their daily routines. The following ROI calculation shows an example time saving and cost saving analysis compared to the investments a 30 employee owner driven service company should expect after implementing NetDispatcher.

Saving 30 minutes a day per technician
They are now clocking in 30 minutes less payroll hours on average. Each day, each technician. It adds up pretty quick.

7 hours a month per manager
Paperless and real time process cuts down time spent on managing the office and the technicians. On average, 7 hours a month per manager.

What’s your number?
Learn more how Jimmy changed his HVAC company around with NetDispatcher and download a free personal paper copy of: “NetDispatcher Example ROI Calculation” from the link below.


Download your personal ROI Calculation copy here: “NetDispatcher Example ROI Calculation”

Manage Your Landscaping Business with Top-Notch Software

It can be difficult managing a landscaping business especially if you a lot of crews and not enough of you. Luckily there are programs that can help you get a grip on your business. If you feel over-whelmed then it is time to look into mobile software that has been specifically designed for landscape management. Not only can this type of program make running your company easier, it can save you time, money and even help you save the environment.
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