NetDispatcher Schedules your Field Tech Fast and Easy

Hvac Scheduling SoftwareThe NetDispatcher’s software white label program has proven itself over and over again for Distributors and Manufactures, allowing them to better utilize and monetize their inventory, eliminating pricing errors and miscommunication between customers. NetDispatcher brings you the industry specific best practices and strong capability to transform your business from reacting to planned, sustainable and pre-emptive core process. Grow your company into paper free, fully automated and process driven company. Our product suite is well suited and tested with Telecommunications Manufacturers companies for any size company. Our understanding in challenging processes, characteristics and requirements of Telecommunications Manufacturers with our very customizable NetDispatcher tool set will enable fast, efficient and timely deployment to your company. With NetDispatcher, we can help you make more business, save money and handle daily processes more efficiently and easily as well as eliminating or lowering the risk of losing money. We want you to look at the following sections, that explain why we think we are the best solution for your Company.

Top 5 Features for Equipment and Telecommunications Manufacturers

  1. Your real time pricing information in contractors purchase / work order process
  2. Equipment configuration tool for contractors
  3. Equipment information, pictures, specs and warranty documentation available for the contractor
  4. Automated maintenance scheduling of all equipment bought from you. Complete with parts lists for PM jobs and POS
  5. Automated email / text message communication for accepting PM work for customers



With a very customizable, drag and drop form builder we can easily take your existing paperwork and convert it an electronic form. That way, you don’t have to change your field proven methods and information built over the years. Instead we take your information to a digitized version. During the setup and training process, we teach your designated users to edit and create forms, so you don’t have to pay us every time you need to make a change.

It’s that easy. All your employees can get access to all the information they need when they need it (both current and historical). Access to all your documents, all your customer information (both current and historical), all your current ongoing jobs, all your invoices, property data, attachments and all your reports from your favorite mobile or tablet device.


Automation. Our product is excellent at automating, building recurring and triggered crew schedules. NetDispatcher automates all of your work with service agreement modules. It even runs automatically and lets you focus on changes and one-off or add-on jobs. The module can also be used to create events and trigger events, like AC service requests. You can build different areas around your service areas and assign customer properties to them. And when recurring service intervals are triggered, you can build efficient and optimized routes and handle all preventative maintenance tasks in the same area. The system then dispatches all the predefined routes to your crews and alerts them accordingly. Instead of scrambling to try to contact individual crews (by phone or text) sit back have a cup of coffee and watch dispatching screen and see the crews acknowledge and start the jobs in the job queue.

Recurring preventative tasks, like annual service jobs are easily run for the entire week, month or even the season if you so choose, simply by defining the contract under the service agreements.


Equipment or property information, attachments, photos and design documents are essential information for the crews to successfully complete their jobs. Our system makes all the information easily available to the crew members. The information is always up to date and adding new information is easy and fast. You always have access to the history as well. Crews can take a look at the jobs done in the previous times at the location and use that information when making decisions regarding the job at hand.


GO PAPERLESS and dispatch tasks to any portable device. Our service runs on any Internet capable device with no installation and powerful features such as two-way communication, attachments, GPS tracking and client signatures – everything in real-time. Worry free OFFLINE capable mobile makes crew management and data capture secure, reliable and always available.


None of the competing solutions can handle the complex crews like the way we can. The supervisors or crew leads and build their own crew, punch in for the crew members and start completing the crew schedule. Crew lead can track each team member throughout the day, track different jobs that they perform. He can rebuild, change, remove and add team members on the fly and even manage assets or equipment used during the day. It is that easy. And the system automatically tracks time and builds time cards for each person and crew, which are available in real-time for the supervisors at the end of the day. Multi-level approval process makes time card process easy and paper-free and reliable. Different payroll rates, job types and tracking(account) codes can be applied and automatically exported or seamlessly integrated to 3rd party payroll systems to automate the entire payroll process.


Our system will help you make more money. Here’s how. We bring the ability for all your workers to make add-on sales. For example: Sales personnel, maintenance crews, supervisors or managers, all have a simple and easy process to: create a lead, add a new Time & Materials job, schedule additional jobs or simply make a sale. All from tablet, mobile device or desktop. With NetDispatcher, the amount of new opportunities will grow. And when implemented, you can rest assured the customer will get invoiced and no paperwork will be lost during the process.


Growing your business and the nature and seasonality of the  business, often requires the use of subcontractors. With the help of NetDispatcher you can effectively manage your subcontractors. It gives you worry free way to manage the busy season and enables you to grow your business faster. Reporting, matching time (if their jobs are time based) to subcontractor invoices is easy and seamless. If the subcontractor job is fixed, know when the job is started and when it is completed to efficiently manage the project.

“We chose NetDispatcher, because of its high automation level compared to any other competitor software!” Ryan Foudray, Prescription Landscape