Quick Overview Video of NetDispatcher’s new verison of our software 2016

Introduction: A quick overview of NetDispatcher. See how our online software improve any home contracting business

Introduction to sales: An overview of the powerful sales capabilities found in NetDispatcher. See how your salespeople and processes with both improve with the help of our program.

Introduction to customer management: A quick overview of how customers and contacts are catalogued for easy access within the NetDispatcher interface.

Introduction to work order management: A short video showing off the simple work order management flow offered by the NetDispatcher system.

Introduction to dispatching: How to quickly and seamlessly issued dispatch orders without disrupting field service employees with a phone call.

Introduction to invoicing: Billing clients made more efficient through paperless processes.

Introduction to timecards: Quick and convenient online timekeeping for all staff members

Introduction to report center: How company managers and owners can access powerful reports to better understand their business and make evidence-backed decisions

Introduction to quick setup: The fastest way to get up and running with NetDispatcher

Example landscaping company process: NetDispatcher Landscape Process Run Through with QuickBooks

NetDispatcher dispatch process: See the entire dispatch process using our simple drag-and-drop interface

Start and complete jobs: see how easy it is to start and complete jobs through any Internet enabled device.

Running automated 1 inch snow event: Witness how easy it is to run an automated event in less than one minute in this quick video

Mow season set up and manual run: Watch how to set up an entire “mow season” in this quick video

Building crews on your mobile: Put together an entire crew from your mobile phone in this quick video

NetDispatcher mobile overview: See how simple, intuitive, and powerful your mobile device can be with NetDispatcher

NetDispatcher closer overview: Supercharge your sales staff using the powerful sales tools in NetDispatcher

NetDispatcher customer self-service portal process: How to allow your customers to schedule events with your business using NetDispatcher

Creating order proposals: Using NetDispatcher’s powerful forms to create order proposals in less time

Closing sales projects (recurring work): Using NetDispatcher to close out recurring sales projects

Start/end day in mobile view: See how simple it is to start and end staff member’s recoded work days in this quick video

Dispatching overview: Quick and simple drag-and-drop dispatch using NetDispatcher

Adding activities: Adding a new activity for a salesperson to close a pending sale

Entering new leads: Entering new sales ready leads into NetDispatcher using simple forms

Closing sales projects: Closing out a successful one-off sales using simple, intuitive NetDispatcher forms